RIECE Panel Data 2018

Household Data

A1: Jobs, Giving and Receiving Help and Financial Assets

Individual household member information

A2: Land Utilization

Information on land owned by households (old land plot and new plot) including information on the loss of land ownership by households.

A3: Agricultural or agricultural business ownership (in case that already harvested)

Agricultural information that has been harvested

A4: Agricultural or agricultural business ownership (in case that not yet harvested and in case that are perennial plant)

Agricultural information (in the case that the product has not yet been harvested) including information on agriculture of perennial crops

A5: Non-agricultural business ownership

Business information not related to agriculture and livestock including product income from the business for household use.

A6: Livestock and number of livestock

Information on household livestock production

A7: Household income (including monetary income and non-monetary income)

Other income information of households not previously recorded

A8: Household expenditure on consumption and expenditures for education and cloths

Household expenditure information is divided into 3 categories : General household expenses, Educational expenses and Clothing and clothing expenses.

A9: Household assets and House features

House characteristics and household asset information

A10: Borrowing and Lending

Information on debt repayment ability, trends in additional borrowing and the household’s history of being denied a loan.

A11: Digit span recall

Information obtained from measuring the number recognition skills of household members.

A12: Mental health

Information on the psychological state of household members

A14: Cognitive & Aging

Information about word recognition and animal name questions and frequency of household activities.

Children Data

B1A1: Information about moving in and moving out of household members

Information on moving in and out of household members

B3: Child’s health

Information on the child’s overall health and financial readiness to receive medical services.

B4: Child’s underlying disease and disability

Information on congenital diseases or defects detected in children

B5: Child education

Educational information including the amount of media to develop children’s various skills.

B6: Child development

Information on the frequency of children’s activities and behaviors

B13: Behavior Problems Index

Information about the frequency of behavioral problems exhibited by children.